So I guess I started the Whole30 on Tuesday. (No sugar, grains, starchy vegetables, legumes, dairy products or alcohol) I’ve heard that the first couple of days are difficult… but meh. I think I’m doing pretty good so far. I haven’t come close to falling off the wagon. My reasoning for doing this somewhat radical diet are mostly because I’ve been eating WAY too much bread, cheese and ice-cream… Combine over-indulging on carbs with the stress of the busiest deadline month I’ve ever had at work and I just feel really blah. I also had kind of a bad experience drinking too much in Vegas a few weeks ago and realized it was probably time to take a break from party-mode for a bit. Any weight-loss that occurs over the next month is just a bonus, as I’m not specifically trying to shed pounds. But what girl wouldn’t be happy about slimming down in time for bikini season club try outs?

One of the biggest challenges I THOUGHT I would have to deal with was drinking coffee with no sugar or milk. However I had some instant black coffee while camping over the weekend, and that gave me the extra encouragement that this was in-fact going to be possible. I think it was kind of a spontaneous decision, but that’s kind of how I roll. The most challenging thing so far though, has been the lack of crunch. There are just SO few things in nature that are crunchy. I’m not talking about crunchy apples, carrots, and bell peppers. I’m talking about Chips! Crackers! Cereal! Achieving that delectable and addicting crunch is something that the food industry spends a lot of time and money to get. Not only the crunch, but with chips and crackers, having something vanish quickly when you put it in your mouth is also something they try to accomplish. This causes you to want to eat more and more. Oh so sneaky! Our food addictions have been specifically engineered by the food industry.

But! I’ve found the ONE saving grace in the Whole30 world. Plantain Chips from Trader Joes. They are exactly what I need to satisfy my crunchy, salty craving! They taste and feel just like a cracker or chip. I think you could dip them in guac for an even better option. And, there is a cute lil monkey on the bag! 😀 I’ve also taken a liking to salt and pepper pistachios. It’s funny how everyone craves different things… I’m keeping track of food on MyFitnessPal again, so feel free to creep on my food diary to see what I’m eating. 😉


I’m excited to see how I feel after this month is complete. I was also worried about diminished energy, due to the lack of carbs, but on the contrary, my energy level has been super high. I can tell that my blood sugar has been much more steady and there are no crashes, or afternoon slumps. When I played ultimate last night, I felt really good. Still having some quad trouble, so I’m trying to take it a little easy, but everything else felt great. I’ve been back on the astaxanthin antioxidant supplement, which in addition to making salmon pink, and giving them energy to jump up waterfalls, can increase strength, stamina and enable quicker recovery in people. I used to take it regularly and I remember just never getting sore after practices, and I felt like I could run for hours.

A few of my teammates have also decided to join me on this Whole30 challenge, which is great! It is nice to inspire others as well as have the support and accountability along the way. We can do it!!!