Hello, 2014

Wow, well 2013 was all in all pretty good. It was definitely the best year so far for a few reasons, mainly the little lady who joined our family in November. I know I sound like a broken record, but I cannot sing praise enough for the blessings and joy and LIFE she has brought to our family. This past Christmas was the best one my family has ever had. We cooked a wonderful meal together. Gave each other presents. but most of all, truly enjoyed each others presence. My dad even talked about Jesus, and how even God himself had a son, and how symbolic babies are for the meaning of life and Christmas. How a baby just instantly transforms people and gives them a new identity. Now we are parents, aunt, uncle & grandparents. Besides myself, we are not a particularly religious family, so this was really special to me. 

While 2013 was a year for holding fast and restoring hope, I feel like 2014 is a year for finding and sharing joy and happiness. I feel a level of peace and contentedness that I don’t think I have ever reached. I finally feel genuine happiness, and it isn’t because of anyONE or anyTHING. I am just in a really really good place. I never realized how much the events of 2012 had affected me, and how guarded I became due to the fear and anxiety that overshadowed my life. But the storm is over, the clouds have cleared, and the sun is here, shining down all kinds of Grace and Promise. I just want to soak it all up, and reflect it back to everyone around me. 

I’m ready for new things. big things. Yeah… 2014. This is going to be fun. 


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