Falling Fast

I am a total dork and get really excited about weather. So when I had an opportunity to visit the North East during Fall… I jumped at the chance. Not to mention, I was going to be hanging out with a couple of my best friends, playing in one of the most fun frisbee tournaments I’ve ever been to, and cruising out to CT for a day to see some family. People… the LEAVES. THE TREES!!! How or WHY would you people ever leave such a wonderful place?! I instantly fell in love with Boston the minute we stepped outside the airport. The air was clean, the breeze was cool and the men were HOT! Everywhere I looked, I saw another incredibly attractive business professional. Haha… The city was also quite impressive and I wish I had had more than 6 hours to explore. I know I’ll be back though someday soon. Maine was just lovely. I would live there in a heartbeat. Rolling hills, trees everywhere, giant farms… it was like a dream.

I am thinking of making an annual pilgrimage (see what I did there?) back East every year just to get my Fall Fix. My week out there was just SO amazing. I had had a super stressful couple of weeks at work. I was ready to jump out the window, but fortunately I was able to jump on a plane instead. I am truly thankful for this time in my life, being so un-attached and available to go and make the memories I did last week. It was honestly one of the best weeks I’ve ever had, and the best frisbee tournament I’ve been to so far.

Growing up in the desert, I really have no idea what it is like to live in a place with four seasons. I used to say that I would never move anywhere with cold winters, because I really hate the cold. Granted I’ve never been in a true winter storm, but after visiting different places, it doesn’t seem as intimidating as it used to. I Think I could do it if I needed to. I don’t think I would ever move anywhere on my own in the next few years, but if I needed to relocate sometime in the future for my family, I think it would be exciting.

I guess it is finally Fall in AZ. I think we only have two seasons though, “hot” and “not hot”. But it is FINALLY. NOT. HOT. We have had our A/C off for almost a month now, and it is just perfect. This time of year is such a whirlwind anyway, and I have so many activities planned. My sister is getting SO close to the end of her pregnancy, and I can’t believe that we are now counting down the days instead of weeks before Olivia gets here. That girl has just been bopping around constantly in there, and it has been really fun to get to feel her move. Poor Michelle is so uncomfortable and huge, and I hope that the next few weeks (or less!) continue to fly by for her. I can’t wait to hold our little rainbow girl!!!

Life is good. 🙂