About that Kale Salad

So I have been getting really creative in the kitchen when it comes to dressings and sauces and such. I will generally just throw together ingredients and flavors that I think might work well together and it magically works out. I made a mustard sauce a couple weeks ago that I just about ate with a spoon. I put it on a bunless hamburger wrapped in lettuce and served with tomato and it was one of the best flavor profiles I have ever experienced. The burger was also perfectly cooked and I was seriously disappointed that I was all alone to experience it. So of course I held the burger in one hand while the juice was dripping all over the plate, and took a photo with the other to share via instagram. I have been using the hashtag #whatsonmyplate, to try and share my healthy/whole food options. I try to eat as minimally processed food as I can.

Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of my salad the other day, OR today when I had it again for lunch. But it was GOOD. In the bottom of the bowl, I drizzled some garlic olive oil. Then I squeezed in half a lemon, added salt and pepper and a squirt of spicy mustard. I stirred that all together and then added half an avocado, some cooked quinoa, shredded lacinato kale, a big handful of red grapes and some diced fresh mozarella cheese. It was a totally random combination, and might have been missing some crunch.. but it was just SO flavorful from the lemon and garlic, and the grapes were just a burst of juicy sweetness that off-set the acidity of the lemon. I’m going to try the dressing as a marinade next time I cook fish or shrimp. MMM!


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