Let’s just not talk about the fact that I failed at NaBlo… mmmkay?

Moving forward. I’m still going strong on the green smoothie challenge. I missed Saturday, but other than that, I’ve been keeping up. You have to know when to cut yourself a little slack once in awhile. Sat was league playoffs, and my team was green, so maybe that counts? My team struggled all season with numbers, and we were missing some pretty big players for the tournament weekend. Absences aside, we actually played the best we had ever played, which is more than you can hope for as a team captain! It was a beautiful day for playing ultimate in Phoenix. I don’t think it got warmer than 65, and the steady cross-wind made things interesting. I love playing Zone D and I felt like I was really effective as a member of the cup, which is new for me!

The last point of the day was a marathon. It had to be 20 minutes. No less than 10 turnovers per side… so it was time to end it. I made a cut and went up for the disc with a couple defenders there. Much to everyone’s (including my own) surprise, I came down with the disc! We lost the game, but winning that final point was a pretty awesome way to end the season. The rest of the afternoon was spent watching the next round and a half (It got too cold and someone made me spill a beer on myself so I was freezing) So I left before finals was over. It was nice to visit with friends and snuggle on the sidelines though!

I’m also playing in a Sunday league, in which my team is quite a bit better. I threw a couple scores, caught a couple scores, and we won the game. But… there was a score-keeping argument, so we kept playing until 17 (by our count) So technically we won 3 times. The final score, I made a deep cut and my teammate Ebay put up a really nice huck that I was able to run down. You know I spiked that disc too!

It was a great weekend!


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