According to Wiki: Serendipity means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it.

So how do you find something when you’re not searching for it? Quite a dilemma. When we were growing up, my mom always used to ask my little brother to “go find your ____ (shoes, toy, juice bottle, etc)”; and it always used to crack me up because he would say “But Mommy! I don’t know where it is” It was simple logic from a 5 year old.

Here I am, some 20 years later, looking for something, but also… NOT looking. Because that’s what people tell you. You will find love when you STOP looking. It will find you when you least expect it. And that is what I am looking for. Love. I have a set list of qualities that I want to find in a person. There are things that are deal breakers. There are things I am willing to compromise. But above all else, I want to find LOVE. That feeling of butterflies in your stomach when you are excited to see them. The way your heart skips a beat when they smile. The way you can’t remember what life was like without them. That spark of chemistry that is inextinguishable.

Is it possible to stumble upon this by accident? No. I don’t think so. There are no accidents. There are no coincidences. Serendipity is an act of God… the driving force in your life. He leads our every move. I don’t see how it is possible that I ended up exactly where I am without this guidance. Everything happens and doesn’t happen for a reason.

We just have to have the faith to follow His lead.



Let’s just not talk about the fact that I failed at NaBlo… mmmkay?

Moving forward. I’m still going strong on the green smoothie challenge. I missed Saturday, but other than that, I’ve been keeping up. You have to know when to cut yourself a little slack once in awhile. Sat was league playoffs, and my team was green, so maybe that counts? My team struggled all season with numbers, and we were missing some pretty big players for the tournament weekend. Absences aside, we actually played the best we had ever played, which is more than you can hope for as a team captain! It was a beautiful day for playing ultimate in Phoenix. I don’t think it got warmer than 65, and the steady cross-wind made things interesting. I love playing Zone D and I felt like I was really effective as a member of the cup, which is new for me!

The last point of the day was a marathon. It had to be 20 minutes. No less than 10 turnovers per side… so it was time to end it. I made a cut and went up for the disc with a couple defenders there. Much to everyone’s (including my own) surprise, I came down with the disc! We lost the game, but winning that final point was a pretty awesome way to end the season. The rest of the afternoon was spent watching the next round and a half (It got too cold and someone made me spill a beer on myself so I was freezing) So I left before finals was over. It was nice to visit with friends and snuggle on the sidelines though!

I’m also playing in a Sunday league, in which my team is quite a bit better. I threw a couple scores, caught a couple scores, and we won the game. But… there was a score-keeping argument, so we kept playing until 17 (by our count) So technically we won 3 times. The final score, I made a deep cut and my teammate Ebay put up a really nice huck that I was able to run down. You know I spiked that disc too!

It was a great weekend!

Challenge begins

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the green smoothie challenge! My fridge is packed with fruits and veggies and I am ready to go. When you are trying to eat and live healthy, failure to plan is most definitely planning to fail. Weekdays often get so busy that it makes it easy to male excuses and fall back into un-healthy habits. In addition to the green juice/smoothie I am going to add to my daily routine, I am also going to my hardest to adopt the following additional healthy habits:

  • Lemon water: I talked about the benefits of lemon in my last post briefly. There are a lot of websites out there that discuss the theory of alkaline vs. acid pH levels in the blood. Lemons are extremely alkaline, so I will be adding lemon slices to my water every day. 
  • Vitamins: I havent been very good about taking my vitamins lately, which is dumb, because it is SO easy! The vitamins I take are: Multivitamin for women, spirulina, astaxanthin, B-complex, garlic and high omega fish oil. Lots of antioxidants! 
  • 60 minutes of activity at least 4 times a week. I am not going to put SO much pressure on myself and say that I will do this every day, and it doesn’t have to be vigorous activity. I will include yoga, walking, etc. Some weeks I will try to be an overachiever and get it in every day. Some weeks I wont. Its all about balance and doing what I can. I play frisbee twice a week, and bootcamp once. I just need to squeeze in a couple more workouts and I’ll be happy. 

I am also really going to try and eat as close to a paleo diet as I can. I was eating paleo for a couple months last year, and I felt great, slept great and got really toned up. 

Well thats all for now. I hope I’m not biting off more than I can chew~ (ha!) 

Going Green

My friend Marnie owns a bootcamp that I love to go to when I can. More than anything, I love the camaraderie with the amazing women who go and the extra motivation that comes from the challenge of the group setting. (Marnie yelling a lot also helps!)

I am so excited that the Babes are doing a green smoothie challenge for the next session. It is a great way to get more nutrition in every day and be thinking about healthy choices all day long. I admit that instead of green smoothies, I will more often be doing green juice. But I think it is pretty similar. I have been a big juicing fan for many years now. I really want to do a video tutorial someday soon, because there are many tips and tricks I have learned over the years that I feel will help those new to juicing adjust. For example, I always skim the foam off the top of my juice. I also drink it ice cold and with a straw.

My favorite juicing mix: (all organic ingredients)

5-6 carrots
2 stalks celery
1/2 small beet
1 gala apple
handful of parsley
1 1/2 cups of spinach

It is very easy to customize with what you have on hand. Bell peppers add amazing spiciness; Garlic is wonderful if you feel like you are getting a cold (just ball it up with the spinach and parsley); Lemon is also a super ingredient for giving it a great zing as well as making it super alkaline; Cucumbers really mellow it out and are very refreshing.

Juicing is a great way to increase vitamin and nutrient intake. Your body immediately absorbs it and it gives your digestive system a break while giving your liver a supercharge. There is no way you would be able to unlock all of the nutrients from the fiber in vegetables without a juicer. Granted, you still need plenty of fiber, so make sure you are also eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.

I’m sure I’ll be sharing more recipes as the challenge ensues. I am excited about this challenge! I feel like it is just the thing to get me back on track.