The life that was and the life that almost wasn’t

It takes incredible courage to share your story with others. Especially when that journey is hard. When people might judge you… For a long time, my sister and her husband didn’t tell people about the trouble they were having with their baby. During all the tests and appointments and un-known, no one really knew what was going on. It was difficult for them to even tell members of our family. It was so hard to have hope, or even know what it is we COULD hope for. Eventually though, after the difficult decisions were made, and the path lay before us, it was time to invite others along. The support and fellowship of friends and family (and friends of friends and family) has been priceless. It takes strength to reach out to those around you for help, and I’m so glad that my sister did that when she needed it.

So many people were touched by Michelle and Steve’s journey to bring their son into the world. Although he was with us just a short time, he managed to touch the lives of a huge number of people. He LIVED. I got more than a few messages from people saying that they hugged their kids a little tighter, or called their mom to tell her they loved her. Randy’s life was immediately meaningful not only to us, but to the people we shared him with. That in itself is a blessing.

Little did we know at the time… but another woman was facing a journey of her own. Yesterday, a woman my sister knows had the courage to share HER story. She had discovered she was pregnant and was unsure about keeping the baby. It was un-planned… and for whatever reasons, she was considering abortion. When she learned of the struggle Michelle and Steve were going through, she realized that if they could make it through something like THAT, then why couldn’t she take on the challenge of raising her baby? She was inspired by their strength and love and decided to keep her baby.

My sister texted me this story yesterday, and I know we both sat in our cubicles, miles apart, with tears rolling down our faces. She said, my baby has already saved 1 life! There really are no words to express how this makes me feel. How HUGE this is. I know that the life of my nephew has inspired and encouraged others… but THIS!? I mean…WOW! A tangible person who will be living and breathing who might not have been… God bless the life of that little boy or girl.

I told my sister that that baby isn’t alive today just because of Randy, but also because of HER. Because SHE had the courage to share her story. I am thankful for the power in which God moves, and connects us to each other. I am also thankful that that woman had the courage to share her story with my sister. To show her once again how great of an impact her precious son has made in the world.


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